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Diabetes Therapy


Program directed by Brenda Wood-Clark, LMHC

I am a licensed mental health therapist as well as a diabetic of over 30 years.  I know living with diabetes can be both overwhelming and frustrating. There are no vacations from living with diabetes and it often takes its toll on us both physicaly and emotionally. 

Therapy Options: 

I provide individual therapy for those struggling with diabetes and are finding life difficult to manage due to the daily demands of living with chronic illness. 

For those of you who prefer a group setting... I have developed a group curriculum in a 10 week program that focusing on and addresses the most common struggles a diabetic encounters in their daily life.  
     The following are the 10 week group topics:

  1. There are no vacations from this disease
  2. Effects of diabetes on mental health
  3. Denial-Ignoring isn't a choice
  4. Identity-You are more than a disease
  5. Fear-Long term complications
  6. Social Aspects-Effects on relationships
  7. Stress and Self Care
  8. Another appointment? The role of your health care team
  9. Supports-Developing a Diabetic Community
  10. Where do I go from here? Wrap up                          

If you are interested in these services please contact me via email or phone to schedule an appointment or your spot in the group. 

[email protected]
515 279 0111
or Utilze the contact me page

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