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Substance Abuse

Wellness and Recovery Program

Services Provided:

*  Substance Abuse Evaluations                                             *  Extended Outpatient Treatment

*  OWI Assessments                                                               * Continuing Care Treatment

*  DOT Reporting                                                                     *  Individual and group Counseling

*  Intensive Outpatient Treatment                                          *  Anger Management Training

*  CBT for Cannabis Abuse                                                      Mental Health Screening


At Choices Therapy Services you will find skilled, experienced, certified drug and alcohol counselors who assist people in building richer, more rewarding lives free of dependence on substances.


The professionals at CTS are trained in a variety of techniques that will assist you in finding balance in your life that creates a whole functioning person through changing thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions.


This is done in collaboration with the client in an emotionally safe and confidential environment to discover or uncover the change you are seeking in your life.


"Life is a matter of choices" is our agency motto and we utilized this message in all of the services that we provide. We will assist you in building a supportive network, coping skills, and teach independence in your life so that you can see that anything is possible in your life if you work hard enough and believe that you can.



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