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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple

Web Therapy

Is Web Therapy for me? 

Web therapy is therapy provided between a licensed therapist and client over a secured, confidential, video chat. It is comparable to a traditional in office session...it is just done online...

It is meant for a variety of reasons...Here are a few examples:
  • Those who live in a rural area where options of therapists are not available
  • Busy individuals whose schedule cannot permit the drive time or time off of work to get to a therapist's office. 
  • Those with transportation or childcare isues
  • Those who are homebound
  • Those who are seeking privacy
  • Those who are comfortable on the internet and internet usage  
  • Convenience for those who might not receive mental health asistance in a traditional office    

If this option is chosen an email is sent to the client with a link to download an app on their phone or computer at no cost. For each session scheduled an invite is sent to the client with a pass code for their therapy session. The session can be done from anywhere. 


The cost of the session is the same as an in office session and is billable to Medicaid and some insurance companies. Please check with your insurance company about "telehealth" coverage.

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