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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple

UA Testing

Choices Therapy Services provides a lab based urine analysis (UA) for those who are participating in treatment at Choices Therapy Services. The specimen is sent to a toxicology lab for testing and results. This test is billable to most insurances. Photo ID is required. 

Choices Therapy Services offers a Icup UA for those requiring an instant read. Substances tested are: ·      

  • ·         ALCOHOL
  •           AMPHETAMINE
  • ·         BARBITURATES
  • ·         BUPRENORPHINE
  • ·         COCAINE
  • ·         ECSTASY
  • ·         FENTANYL
  • ·         MARIJUANA
  • ·         METHADONE
  • ·         OPIATES/MORPHINE
  • ·         OXYCODONE
Photo ID is required. Cash, Credit or Debit cards accepted. Cost $30

We will send the UA results to you, a probation/parole officer or DHS worker within 24 hours of the test or upon receiving the test results from our lab with a signed release of information. Please bring the name and contact information with you to give to the lab technician. 

All UAs are supervised, 


For more information:

Call: 515-279-0111 


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